The Importance of Goal Setting

The Importance of Goal Setting

Corporate Goverment | “What could be more valuable than having a goal? From our earliest days, teachers, coaches, and parents advices us to set goals and work mighty to achieve them – and with good reason. Goals work! Academic literature shows that by helping us tune our distractions, goals can get us try harder, work longer, and achieve more.” (Daniel H. Pink, Drive, The Surprising Truth about what motivates us, 2010, Canon Gate Books Ltd, Edinburg, Great Britain.)

In my earlier articles I have pointed out Goal Setting through: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (SMART). This time I’d like sharing my life experience how important it is to every time setting a goal and achieving it. It is true that we should have a “today’s goal setting”, a medium ranked goal setting. Although not necessarily a long ranked goal setting (since we don’t know what the future will lead us to). The daily goal setting is not only motivational, it has a higher value as being inspiration for the whole day. Likewise every Sunday morning a pastor, will give an inspiration for the whole week to his audience, which he appointed during his homily. Inspiration is more of a value than motivation. 2 However, motivation is a thrust to us to do the action well right away!

Since early morning, each of us sets his/her goal for that day and for that week. In my case, the goal setting is number one to be healthy, one will set his/her goal to keeping the necessary precaution to be healthy. Then the main goal, such as that every Monday I should write a meaningful article to be placed the next morning in LinkedIn, since academic research has revealed that Tuesday, LinkedIn has the highest number of readers. That is one example of a good habit to following the line with Charles Duhigg book’s pointed out, The Power of Habit (26st print, 2022).

My habit since waking up from bed is being healthy, therefore I pray to the Almighty, Devine Universe, gratefully for His Grace of being healthy, then do a short mindful meditation, to remind ourselves that we are responsible to ourselves. Next step is opening any doors that are full of greenery in front, take a deep breath. Again, be grateful while taking a deep breath, several times. And so, follow the goals one has set for the day and for the week. For instance, I have a goal that next week I will be invited to conduct training in Governance Risk Compliance Management, then I prepare all the power point slides needed, the Pre & Post Test for all participants, study further more about the recent development of compliance needed for a successful business.

Hope, you would agree with my short story about goal setting, which really works, and you’d be happy following my way of actualizing the goal practicing. Wish you success.

Ludwig Suparmo – Strategic Communication Specialist.