Gratitude = Bersyukur

Gratitude = Bersyukur

Corporate Goverment | Bob Low on LinkedIn:  How to post consistently on LinkedIn once Zooms me advising and encouraging me to write meaningful articles posted on LinkedIn with an additional suggestion “Don’t expect miracles after posting articles then praying…” Surely I understood that academically that’s not the way to become professional in content and digital marketing. I have been a believer that one should do his best and then be grateful that he would be able to achieve it. Through gratitude and mindfulness of the effect of being grateful best efforts would lead to

fruitful results.

One should also know the phrases “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you!” taught by Dr. Hew Len from Hawaii, and made popular by Dr. Joe Vitale stressing on always being

grateful is not magic but professionally proven to be true.

Indonesians will express “Alhamdulillah” or “Puji Syukur,” also “Praise the Lord” when they are thankful. However, my experience has led me not to thank only after receiving something. I believe to be thankful the way round, which then blessings and positive results will come.

Here I express genuinely: Thanks to my willingness to consistently writing meaningful short articles and post or share them on the internet, and on various digital applications, I often got

invitations to participate in professional discussions as well as to conduct management training on topics that are my skills. These are paid activities that I prepared well to be beneficial for the participants and institutions who called me via the phone or contacted me on WhatsApp.

I like to share this short article by quoting the recently published article in Medium Daily Digest written by Kenna Kwok: when one expresses gratitude, according to Harvard Health,

gratitude is associated with greater happiness and it  will give an impact of :

•       Feeling more positive

•       Enjoying more experiences

•       Building a stronger relationship

•       Overall improve health

Then I would add as a testimony :

•       Becoming more confident

•       Becoming more enthusiastic

•       Becoming more professional

Please build a habit of always expressing and having mindfulness of gratitude. Hope this article is to your benefit, from me, Ludwig Suparmo, Strategic Communication Specialist