Corporate Culture & Value

Corporate Culture & Value

Corporate Goverment | This short article is an adaptation and combination between a very brief web site from PT Antam (a very famous reputable mining company in Indonesia) and some paragraphs I learned from Google.

 Most important that we all can learn about the importance of any company to set its mission and value is that it is involving all the employees. Often employees are not aware of, and even directors are also somehow careless about the meaningful of mission and values toward their employees. It is of high recognition that Johnson & Johnson places its ”Credo” at the most visible placed when entering their offices. The Credo of corporate culture and its value was worldwide recognised that really have saved the company from disaster to champion in the years of 1885s.

Here are the adaptation paragraphs which hopefully enrich our knowledge and convincing us to really value the good 2 and well thought of any meaningful corporate culture of a company. Likewise, when a company has no corporate culture and value which is well thought and communicated to all the employees, please study the abstract below, then enact immediately. (Ludwig Suparmo – Strategic Communication Specialist)

To support the achievement of ANTAM’s Vision 2030 that has been set, ANTAM sets the corporate values of PIONEER. PIONEER values are the abbreviation of:

1. Professionalism

2. Integrity

3. GlObal Mentality

4. HarmoNy

5. ExcEllence

6. Reputation

Corporate Values and Culture ANTAM has values and norms of behavior that must be obeyed and implemented in the daily work of all levels of the Company.

Corporate Culture plays an important role in managing the Company’s human resources in an effort to realize the Company’s Vision, Mission and Goals. Employees are required to understand and follow ANTAM’s values and culture as guidelines.

A high-performance culture improves productivity, bringing higher profits and happier employees, improving talent retention and continuing a growth cycle. A cornerstone of 2023 growth should be building or maintaining a high performance culture for all businesses. Refraining or forgetting about culture in 2023 is a mistake, as it plays a critical role in company performance.

A high-performance culture allows organization to succeed and grow. This type of structure is good for business and for each employee. Not every high-performance culture will look the same, yet every organization with a high-performance culture, value workers and holds their trust in return.

Employees may come to work partly for a pay check, yet evidence suggests they crave meaning from work and are more productive when they get it. Like everyone, workers want to feel a sense of purpose and mission in their daily lives and enjoying the same work is only natural.

The best culture embed their mission throughout the employee experience, honoring and furthering these values daily. These cultures also offer their employees interesting and engaging projects which drive their sense of belonging to the organization. A recent survey by McKinsey showed workers across all levels of income believed having an interesting job was as important as earning a solid income.

Workers feel fulfilled by purpose-driven work. Unfortunately, many employers ignore culture in favor of focusing on profits. Workers need clarification and connection in these types of work environments. In a survey from Gallup, only four in 10 employees strongly agreed they knew what their company stands for and what differentiates their company from competitors. Even for organizations that articulate their values often, management could be viewed poorly if employees do not see the connection between the values and the organization’s actions.

When leaders grow nervous about their businesses’ future, it can feel tempting to ignore culture at the expense of profit. In fact, culture becomes even more important in times of economic uncertainties. In these moments, employees will look to management to set the tone. Without a culture fostering engagement and collaboration, workers could lose productivity to stress and conflict.


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