Compliance with Work Regulation

Compliance with Work Regulation

Complain Management | Compliance Management which is nowadays more commonly known as Governance Risk Compliance Management is basically a work regulation that management designed it to be adhered to by all concerns related to the workplace. Therefore, an understanding of the regulatory.

Landscape is of most importance. What is a regulatory landscape?  It is the law, regulations, policies, and obligations or constraints to stay in compliance even in a mood of bureaucracy.

A good understanding of the regulatory landscape will define :

  • Legal requirements that constrain the process
  • Distinguishes between requirements and customsc Let’s have a look at what regulation or regulatory actually means:
  • Merriam Webster: the act of regulating or the state of being regulated.
  • Longman Dictionary: controlling an activity, system, or industry, especially by rules.
  • Britannica Dictionary: making or concerned with making official rules what is acceptable in a particular business activity

How to get there?

  • Define the regulatory authority in place
  • Identify the policy requirements and standard operating procedures
  • Understand the tools and decision processes
  • Get feedback and act on corrections
  • More, yes more should be studied further…

Collaboration and incorporation :

  • Report the findings to stakeholders to help them understand their constraints and opportunities
  • Encourage partners to define a part forward to achieve a better future state
  • Assuring to comply with the Regulatory Body assessment system More to study? Absolutely, it is an ongoing process with its dynamic s

following the local and global current business politics.


Ludwig Suparmo: Lead Trainer in Compliance Management

Originally posted 2022-07-19 12:09:33.