Compliance – Ojo Dumeh

Compliance – Ojo Dumeh

Source: Google Images. Picture Left: KABEH KUI MUNG TITIPAN…OJO SOK SEMUGIH…OJO SOK KUOSO… OJO DUMEH. ( Everything are only as things to be used in this world, as a deposit while we live…don’t act as we are rich…don’t act as we have the power that we can give instruction on everything… Don’t Feel Proud or Like Having the Maximum Power)

Corporate Goverment | Compliance Management, which in bahasa Indonesia is Manajemen Kepatuhan has been followed many years ago when the Indonesian industry and businesses became to understand the government regulations on establishing a company in the years of 2008 – 2011. During those years, the Indonesian business must adapt the good corporate governance wherein the good corporate culture which it’s vision and mission have been known.

Through further development governance and corporate culture has developed into Governance Risk Compliance (GRC). This concept leads the industry, institutions as well as other businesses into better participating and winning in the global way of doing business.

As good corporate has been early developed through its meaningful system as vision and mission (some thought it also having values added), how to build good corporate has been understood as automatically as a must. Now, advance 2 thinking and facing the globalization, besides local competition, GRC has been a foundation as a must to have to any company or institution. The R which stands for Risk Management, has been for much earlier time recognized as Financial Risk, has then brought to a broader meaning and deeper understanding of mitigation of different kinds of risk possibilities.

The study of compliance management as the local culture as it is practice in the Javanese culture actually has been established much earlier as the saying of “rogoh roso” which etymology refers to ”touching someone’s feeling”, while more abridge is quite well known in the quote of “Ojo Dumeh, Eling lan Waspodo”. Often this quote is depicted with the figure of Semar, a wayang (cultural puppet) figure referring as the smart guru in the Javanese culture. Ojo dumeh refers to guide people not to take advantage when someone has the ability, or in an institution when somebody is posted in a position which make him or her easy to act or do anything he or she likes to do (whether bad or good). Included in the quote “eling lan waspodo” guiding that someone must be always in mindfulness, knowing his or her position, aware of his or her tasks and duties, plus always be prepared of taking actions, be responsible as well as well prepared in taking precautions.

I feel that I experienced easier way on sharing my training in Compliance Management to Indonesian participants (especially in Java) referring to this traditional, well known quote: “Ojo Dumeh, Eling lan Waspodo”.

Ludwig Suparmo – Strategic Communication Specialist.

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