Meaningful words are like beatiful flowers.

Corporate Goverment  | “The value of life can be measured by one’s ability to affect the destiny of one less advantaged. Since death is an absolute certainty for everyone, the important variable is the quality of life one leads between the time of birth and death.” – quote from a “Genius Award”

winner. (Daniel H. Pink, in his book “Drive, The Surprising Truth about what Motivates Us”) Just yesterday the oldest human being, a nun in France, was reported died at 118 years old. A nun, who every day during her live prayed can die.  A few months ago Queen Elizabeth, died.  In Indonesia, a famous Islamic guru died. Famous people, as well as rich people all will have to die. However, this article is not about the death, nor about how peaceful one can die. This article is about the quality of life when we are alive, in good health, and during the time we can spend our precious times for others.  This is a brief article in which active people who are now reading and working using meaningful words, like you.

Meaningful words are studied in the science of communication, how people have to arrange effective communication, as well as assertive communication. It is not how to say long words or writing long sentences. Even now the science of “Plain English”, communicating in short sentences, containing a subject, predicate plus object are recommended. Words matters. If you listen carefully you might hear that the right communication is using meaningful words, purpose oriented.

Vanessa van Edwards, a psychologist, during one of her scientific researches on public speaking found out that the first seven minutes of a speaker uttered her/his speech and also the body language of a presenter’s introduction determines the success of the whole session.

Therefore, people’s first spoken words to another must be meaningful, and so must be the rest. When a presenter, a public speaker, a trainer, a leader, prepared well by a mindful set that he/she is passionate to safeguard the interest of the whole company, including all the workers, customers, stake holders, and the society in which one operates, this gives an assurance of a well prepared public speaking event. When the speaker intends: “I will strive to create sustainable economic, social, and environmental prosperity” this is a meaningful start to be well prepared.

The goals of a genuine public speaker, a trainer, a leader, are usually described in words like “efficiency, advantage, value, differentiation, goals and focus, and such other similar management meaningful words. Trainers, public speakers, leaders, should say: “I must find ways to infuse dull activities with deeper, with more ideals, with honor and truth and beauty.” Leading by example, instead of asking others to do “do it as it is the right thing to do”. The right way is providing by examples “the right standard.” Always communicate in meaningful words.

(Photo: Meaningful beautiful flowers)

Ludwig Suparmo – Strategic Communication Specialist, an Indonesian who is prepared to train business English to Indonesian managers young and seniors.